hey there, callin! (retrospecting) wrote in swinglines,
hey there, callin!

30 icons - lupe fiasco, mos def, common, rakim, gym class heroes, damian marley

first off, i finally got around to changing the layout which i thought was much needed. i personally loveee this header. in case anyone wants to know, the model is anja rubik & she's a polish model (represent! :P) the pics are from anjarubikfans.

secondly my next post is gonna be all david lachapelle work because i basically love his photographs & such. then will be the tv show icons. i think anyway... if i don't get sidetracked!

i was thinking of making some info banners & i figured why not make some with cities, so those are included. if you wanna know what city is what then hover over it & it will tell you. also i have these in header size too so if for some reason you wanted it as a header, just ask. or if you want me to do a city that's not included then comment with a picture (good quality & bigger than 500px in width).

30 icons in total & 9 info banners.
Post includes: lupe fiasco, mos def, common, rakim, gym class heroes, damian marley.
these are not bases.

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Comment with the ones you're taking.
Credit retrospecting.
Do not customize.
Tags: atlanta, chicago, common, damian marley, detroit, gym class heroes, icons, info banners, los angeles, lupe fiasco, miami, mos def, nyc, phoenix, rakim, san francisco, st. louis, travis mccoy
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