December 29th, 2006

gerrard -- plane.

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so i've basically been on a pretty long undeclared hiatus due to a little bit of everything going on in my life. i feel bad for ignoring this community & i want to come back, but i just got a new laptop which means i have no psp or any of my brushes, textures, etc. Plus, on top of that, i'm back in michigan for christmas break & that means i'm stuck with dial up so i'm definitely not getting any hq pictures to make graphics unless i want to wait for 5 days while it loads. :[

anyway, this post is just to let everyone (or anyone who actually cares) that swinglines is going to be up & running again by mid-january. so from now until mid-january anyone who stops by here, please leave atleast one person or thing you'd like to see graphics of. just a quick comment is very helpful & it can be of anything you want, there's no limit. so yea, if all of you could do that & help me out, it would be much appreciated & would make this community better. thanks! :]