September 21st, 2006

gerrard -- plane.

28 icons - lupe fiasco, beyonce, common, christina aguilera.

so yea, i haven't updated in a while. i've been super busy with my classes & i just had a week full of exams. plus on top of that i'm sick & yea, if you're on my friends list then you know so whatev. hopefully i can start giving this community attention again, but i wouldn't expect posts full of like 50+ icons for a while. plus i'm trying new things & i plan on making a lot of screen cap icons from shows like nip/tuck, lost, prisonbreak, & stuff. i'm not sure if anyone would use them but oh well. anyway, i'm always open to ideas of who you guys wanna see, so feel free to leave that in comments & links to pictures & websites.

&for the people i took requests from a while ago & never got a chance to finish, do you still want them? if you do, i can do them this weekend but if not then i just won't bother. sorry for that. :/

28 icons in total & 2 headers, 1 friends only banner, & 1 info banner.
Post includes: lupe fiasco, beyonce, common, christina aguilera.
these are not bases.

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